Business Activities


MSH is currently providing services that cater to academic, military, civil and disaster relief purposes. For growth, we foresee a niche market in agricultural, archaeological and conservation applications that would benefit all stakeholders in the longer term.


MSH has partnered with U-Boat Worx company from Holland to be an agent for various mini submarine variations for the use of intelligence, surveillance, surveying, cinematography, research works, safety and security at sea.


Our company is currently exploring on the medical and coronary stents technologies. We aim on becoming the top company supplying on high tech medical devices for our country. We aim to become one of the top companies high-tech medical devices in the country.


MSH is moving towards the renewable energy segment, a significantly promising commercial sector, as we have always been environmentally-conscious in conducting our businesses. We have already started in this sector by providing consultancy, advisory, equipment and transportation services for biogas, WtE, and biomass plants, to name a few. In providing environmental-friendly solutions services, we are also constantly on the lookout for opportunities to form partnership with product and technology manufacturers and assemblers to market and distribute their goods.


We are exploring into this area too as vast opportunities loom in this sector, both domestically and globally, in tandem with our other business segments. Intending to actively contribute towards international efforts in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we are confident and able to offer products and services that not only comply with local and international conventions and regulations but also adhere to other relevant market standards and benchmarks.


REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) has been suggested as a climate change mitigation strategy that is based on the philosophy to reward countries for reducing their deforestation and forest degradation by financial benefits via the generation of carbon credits. While the potential of REDD has been widely discussed, minor attention has been drawn to the implication of uncertainties and costs associated with the estimation of carbon stock changes. To raise awareness of these issues, we conducted a simulation study for a set of countries that show high to low deforestation rates, which demonstrates that the potential to generate benefits from REDD depends highly on the magnitude of the total error while assessment cost and the price of carbon credits play a minor role.

Other Business Services

  • Supply of Office Equipment
  • General Services
  • Computer Equipment Supplier
  • Accessories Supplier
  • Professional Risk Management Services
  • Search and Rescue Management
  • Motivational & Survival Camp Service
  • Drain Cleaning Work
  • Building Cleaning Work
  • Bulding Painting
  • Garden Cleaning Work
  • Pruning Trees Work